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The Thailand Adventure Continues North

Will and I are on a flight, Air Asia to be exact.  We are flying from Suratthani Airport to Bangkok en route to Chiang Mai via overnight train after over two beautiful weeks on Ko Phagnan.  Our last five days were filled with sunshine, beautiful sunsets, exploring local cafes and hangouts , and meeting up with some of my old yoga peeps that are on the island working, playing, studying, or vacationing.  The island was a wonderful place to be in all its moods and climates.  We truly had time to decompress, relax, be still, party it up a bit, exercise, and take in the Thai hospitality.  Now we head north and just in time for the Thai New Year Festival called Songkran; a celebration that lasts for five days and involves large amount s of water.  Does anyone sense a theme here?





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Thailand Adventure Continues

Here we are, stuck in a massive storm on Ko Phagnan…..Ourselves and three others, Connie, Alex, and Daniel have all been stranded at our little seaside bungalows, The Dragon Hut.

No boats are leaving the island and no boats are traveling to the island.  Trees everywhere are uprooted.  Streets and stairways are flooded waterfalls, mud has replaced concrete and everything Will or I own is damp or soaking wet, even my hands look water logged, like I have been in a bath tub for hours relaxing, slowly letting the water devour me.  We have lost electricity and internet access several times over the last week.  We have had many candle lit evenings in the darkness; even the shrimp boats are gone.

Our German allies, Connie and Alex from Nuremberg, and Daniel from Berlin, are nearing the end of their vacation.  Connie and Alex have been coming to this island for eight years and said they have never experienced anything like this.  The Thai owner of the Bungalow expressed the same sentiment.  However, it seems these days; nothing is predictable, especially weather.

Fortunately, we have all maintained an upbeat and positive attitude and have tried to make the best of it.  All of us have spent a lot of time talking, playing cards, reading, writing, watching the rain and waves of the ocean, and eating the delicious Thai food that is readily available. Thank goodness for gas stoves and candles.  We have managed to take a few walks and a few uninviting scooter rides.  Will and I ventured out yesterday to check out the damage and flooding on Haad Salad and Haad Tien, our two local beaches.

We bought new ponchos and managed to take some interesting pictures.  I was planning on going to a Reiki training, but could not travel to the location.  I will say that our inability to travel anywhere on the island has made up for  the relentless pace we maintained prior to our trip to Thailand.  However, although we are being positive and patient, we are beginning to go a little stir crazy.  The storm cannot last forever.  Sun is on the horizon along with dry clothes, sunglasses, and perhaps a little snorkeling.  Right now, whether we like it or not, it is just one day at a time.

Thailand Storm

The waves keep crashing onto the rocks and shore.  The little Thai woman who runs the restaurant at the bungalows we have rented, tells me she has never seen the waves like this here before.  I suspect she understands english better than she let’s on and proceeds to add that she has worked here for many years.

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Understanding Rain

For three days the rain has fallen.  I never really understood the term “rain falling in sheets”, but now I certainly do.  Last night we took a ride on a rented scooter to the town Thong Sala on the Island of Koh Phangon in Thailand, in the most tremendous rain I have ever experienced.  The quilts of rain falling from the low tropical clouds with such force and velocity as to cause physical pain.  Like going through an automated car wash where the quickly rotating bristles are the rain and the jets are the wind. – Will

Thailand – Starting the Trip

Trains, planes, ships, boats, scooters, trams, busses, escalators, elevators, cars, shuttles, taxi trucks; you name it and we have been in it in transit.  Since my last entry, much has transpired.  We completed  our journey around South America and through the Panama Canal finding ourselves back in Fort Lauderdale, where we started our voyage 66 days earlier.  At Ft Lauderdale we transferred to the Miami Airport to fly to Seattle, our home town.  After a full day of travel and transfers in Atlanta we found ourselves back in the familiar cool midnight rain of the Northwest.

Seattle was short and sweet; only a few days, taking care of business and loose ends and a little time to share with family and dear friends. Although short, the trip was warming and lovely despite the damp and cool gray quintessential Seattle weather.   It was nice to feel a familiar season after months of different climates, time zones, and equator crossings which resulted in no sense of time and space. Where were we in a hurry to go?  The answer…….ON A VACATION!!!!!  After four months of hard work, seven days a week, we needed to recharge our battery, feed our mind, body, and spirit. A place to practice yoga, sit in stillness, listen to the sounds of nature, get our creative juices flowing, cleanse, eat beautiful healthy flavorful fresh food, and relax.  Where did we expect to find all this?   Where else but,THAILAND!!!

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The Atacama Desert – Starkly Beautiful

I feel lucky to have visited this place, like a part of my soul is more is more complete for having been here.  The Earth blood red with a sweet kiss of the sea in the air.  Hard and crusted with crystals of salt glistening in the suns oppressive embrace.  The wind blows firmly from the west reminding the visiter that they are just that, a visitor.  Telling you to leave, that this is not your place, or that if you do stay you will never leave. Though there is no way one of sound mind should want to stay.  The land is utterly inhospitable to all life that can not solely live off the sea.  After hours of wandering this desolation with not a sign of life I came to the coast to witness a thousand different creatures living near the cliffs.  Countless birds, seals, dolphins, and I thought a whale, existing at the sea’s edge.  Utterly unconcerned with me, they knew I had to leave and that I was no match for their numbers and unsuited to pursuit in such an environment.  I sat and watched them for a while till my thirst reminded me I needed to go. – Will

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Buenas Aries Street Party

Here we were walking through some random neighborhood late at night in search of dinner and what should we come across?  30 drums and some tambourines.  Amazing.  And the police never came, unlike our fine country, to break it up.  Next thing we knew the whole block was filled with people dancing to the afro-spanish beat.  – Will

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Antarctica!!!!!! Get Your Bikinis and Speedos on….

Antarctica in the summer, strange concept, huh?  Well, here we are and it is very cold a surreal landscape of penguins, whales, and seals diving up and down through the icy cold water from berg to berg.

The icebergs are iridescent blue and range from massive islands to small geometric formations floating in a vast ocean of silence and unimaginable beauty.  Some of these bergs serve as a home to penguins and seals, but many just float in their majestic beauty alone and with no intention of serving as a safe haven to the few species that can miraculously survive on them and around them before the end of March.  Around that time, the sun sets and six months of icy darkness follow.

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Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janiero: Christ the Redeemer, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, overseas Rio from high upon a hill. Rio a city of great magnitude rises out of the sea over brimming with color, masses of people, and a montage of the new and old. The presence of Old Portuguese architecture is everywhere; crumbling pastel buildings, cobblestone streets, cathedrals, and cafes. White sandy beaches abound as do people of all colors and places that have blended and mixed; European, Indigenous, African, Caribbean, and Asian.

 Brazil is hot and nothing seems to ease the heat and humidity of Brazil like a cold Caipirinha. The tangy National drink made of lime, Cachaca (Brazilian Sugar Cane Rum), and sugar, takes the edge off and cools the brain and body. We enjoyed many Caipirinha in Brazil as we watched the world go by from the comfort of a local café or under the shade of an umbrella at the famous white sandy beach of Rio de Janeiro called Ipanema. Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto sang a Samba masterpiece titled “The Girl from Ipanema”, which captures the mood of this dreamy beach. As rumor has it, people of all ages, sizes, and proportion wear Brazilian bikinis or tight Speedos. Contrary to popular belief, not all Brazilians have amazing bodies and tight bums. You find a little bit of everything in Rio: fat/skinny, rich/poor, beauty/devastation, new/old, the antiquated and the sophisticated. One commonality that is unmistakable is the comfortable and relaxed attitude that permeates the air and people.   -Allison

Rio!! South Central Brazil at it’s Best!!