About Allison and Will

WILL: Will was born and raised in Seattle and did not speak until he was three, precluding a lifelong quest of finding alternative ways to express himself.  He has studied many different medians of art in formal and non formal settings; from University and College classes to apprenticing with regionally significant indigenous artists in Mexico and Guatemala.  He has an extensive background in Photography and has worked professionally as a fine and commercial artist.  Working as a commercial artist gave him the chance to continue to hone his skills by working with top photographers in their field, a competitive market place, and the challenge a wide genre of clients and their unique needs present for the creative mind.  Currently Will’s work reflects his interest in travel, people, and the outdoors.  He attempts to express the character and emotion of the places he visits and the people he meets.

ALLISON: Allison is from the West Coast of the United States.  She was born in Washington, but grew up in an ever moving family, which she contributes her insatiable wanderlust and curious nature too. Her family also introduced her to camping and hiking which influenced her adoration for the outdoors and adventure.  She has had the good fortune of traveling extensively through the venues of work, education, and pleasure.  Thus far, she has traveled and worked in the US, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, and Australia.  Her education, like her travels, reflect a woman with many interests.  She holds a MBA, BA in Humanities, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor.   She continues to draw on her background in wellness, hospitality, art and business to find ways to explore the world and all the beautiful people, places, and traditions she loves to experience and write about.