The Thailand Adventure Continues North

by William Bossen Photography

Will and I are on a flight, Air Asia to be exact.  We are flying from Suratthani Airport to Bangkok en route to Chiang Mai via overnight train after over two beautiful weeks on Ko Phagnan.  Our last five days were filled with sunshine, beautiful sunsets, exploring local cafes and hangouts , and meeting up with some of my old yoga peeps that are on the island working, playing, studying, or vacationing.  The island was a wonderful place to be in all its moods and climates.  We truly had time to decompress, relax, be still, party it up a bit, exercise, and take in the Thai hospitality.  Now we head north and just in time for the Thai New Year Festival called Songkran; a celebration that lasts for five days and involves large amount s of water.  Does anyone sense a theme here?





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