Thailand Adventure Continues

by William Bossen Photography

Here we are, stuck in a massive storm on Ko Phagnan…..Ourselves and three others, Connie, Alex, and Daniel have all been stranded at our little seaside bungalows, The Dragon Hut.

No boats are leaving the island and no boats are traveling to the island.  Trees everywhere are uprooted.  Streets and stairways are flooded waterfalls, mud has replaced concrete and everything Will or I own is damp or soaking wet, even my hands look water logged, like I have been in a bath tub for hours relaxing, slowly letting the water devour me.  We have lost electricity and internet access several times over the last week.  We have had many candle lit evenings in the darkness; even the shrimp boats are gone.

Our German allies, Connie and Alex from Nuremberg, and Daniel from Berlin, are nearing the end of their vacation.  Connie and Alex have been coming to this island for eight years and said they have never experienced anything like this.  The Thai owner of the Bungalow expressed the same sentiment.  However, it seems these days; nothing is predictable, especially weather.

Fortunately, we have all maintained an upbeat and positive attitude and have tried to make the best of it.  All of us have spent a lot of time talking, playing cards, reading, writing, watching the rain and waves of the ocean, and eating the delicious Thai food that is readily available. Thank goodness for gas stoves and candles.  We have managed to take a few walks and a few uninviting scooter rides.  Will and I ventured out yesterday to check out the damage and flooding on Haad Salad and Haad Tien, our two local beaches.

We bought new ponchos and managed to take some interesting pictures.  I was planning on going to a Reiki training, but could not travel to the location.  I will say that our inability to travel anywhere on the island has made up for  the relentless pace we maintained prior to our trip to Thailand.  However, although we are being positive and patient, we are beginning to go a little stir crazy.  The storm cannot last forever.  Sun is on the horizon along with dry clothes, sunglasses, and perhaps a little snorkeling.  Right now, whether we like it or not, it is just one day at a time.