Thailand – Starting the Trip

by William Bossen Photography

Trains, planes, ships, boats, scooters, trams, busses, escalators, elevators, cars, shuttles, taxi trucks; you name it and we have been in it in transit.  Since my last entry, much has transpired.  We completed  our journey around South America and through the Panama Canal finding ourselves back in Fort Lauderdale, where we started our voyage 66 days earlier.  At Ft Lauderdale we transferred to the Miami Airport to fly to Seattle, our home town.  After a full day of travel and transfers in Atlanta we found ourselves back in the familiar cool midnight rain of the Northwest.

Seattle was short and sweet; only a few days, taking care of business and loose ends and a little time to share with family and dear friends. Although short, the trip was warming and lovely despite the damp and cool gray quintessential Seattle weather.   It was nice to feel a familiar season after months of different climates, time zones, and equator crossings which resulted in no sense of time and space. Where were we in a hurry to go?  The answer…….ON A VACATION!!!!!  After four months of hard work, seven days a week, we needed to recharge our battery, feed our mind, body, and spirit. A place to practice yoga, sit in stillness, listen to the sounds of nature, get our creative juices flowing, cleanse, eat beautiful healthy flavorful fresh food, and relax.  Where did we expect to find all this?   Where else but,THAILAND!!!

My love for Thailand began with my first trip in January, 2009.  I spent three magical months on the island of Ko Phagnan at Pyramid Yoga and completed a teacher training program.   I returned again in the end of 2009 to spend a month in the Northern city of Chiang Mai studying Thai Massage and once again, I find myself here, but this time I get to share it with Will, which is a total blessing!

So here we are, sitting on the floor atop cushions, Thaistyle.  Our table is low and we are barefoot and cross legged, Indian style, as some say.  The rain is falling, a soft and romantic warm monsoon rain.  The café is nestled next to a secluded and quiet beach accessible only by a narrow and at this point very muddy dirt road, somewhat off the beaten path on an already rugged island.

Our travels here began with a 17 hour plane ride to Bangkok.  We arrived at midnight and stayed at a hotel near the airport.  We were greeted with typical Thai style hospitality, warm, welcoming and extremely accommodating.    Our hotel was a short walk from several local make shift sidewalk cafes alive with Thais enjoying a Friday night.  Even at 1am it was easy to find a delicious bowl of seemingly medicinal soup filled with fragrant lemongrass, galangal, chilies, and garlic.  After our soup and a Hookah we meandered back to our hotel and attempted to sleep before heading back to the airport in the morning to catch a flight to the island of Ko

Our flight to Ko Samui was on a small puddle jumper, packed with young travelers from all over the world, many headed to the island of Ko Phagnang for the full moon party; a raucous party that attracts thousands of hard core party people who want to dance on the beach under the full moon to the sound of techno beats.   Unfortunately, it has become very commercial and from what I have been told, much of the original spirit has been lost. However, the full moon party was not on our agenda; in fact we planned to spend our first days on the island avoiding crowds, noise, and anything that resembled a party.  We were headed to Orion Healing Center to do a little spring cleaning.

We spent our first six days on the island at Orion Healing Center which is a retreat that specializes in de-toxing, cleansing, Reiki, Yoga, and other holistic treatments.  Our first two days were spent fasting on fruit and raw vegetables, enjoying Thai massage, and steaming out our impurities at a local Thai What (temple) where the medicinal steam room smells like turmeric and lemongrass.  The following three and half days we spent fasting, no food, just daily colonics, supplements, coconut water, bentonite clay, psyllium husk, lemongrass tea, and a delicious nightly mushroom broth soup.  The cleanse was complimented by two daily yoga classes, two Reiki treatments, and a deep abdominal Thai massage.

What can I say, we felt lighter, more energized, and completely present when we were done; not to mention a little hungry!  On the sixth day we broke our fast with fresh papaya sprinkled with bee pollen and a fresh young coconut, which we celebrated by not only drinking the delicious nutrient filled water but devouring the slimy flesh that we were not allowed to “eat” during our fast.  Later that day Will, who has suffered from chronic back problems caused by an accident he incurred back in his high school foot ball days, visited an Osteopath on the island with an excellent reputation, who worked wonders!  Needless to say, he is returning for a second visit.

Now we find ourselves at this café, phase two of our vacation on the island.  We left Orion and are now on the west coast of the island in a beautiful sea side bungalow where butterflies and tropical flowers abound.  It is nice to have completed the cleanse and have a greater appreciation for food, our bodies, and of course the culinary delights of Thailand and that swim in the sea followed by a cold Thai beer or a fruit shake?  However, at this present moment we are just sitting, Will is reading, I am writing, we are listening to the sound of the falling rain, content having nothing to do, no agenda, nowhere to be, except here and now, which is easy to do in Thailand.
More to come and of course, blessing to all of you out there reading this.  Namaste!