The Atacama Desert – Starkly Beautiful

by William Bossen Photography

I feel lucky to have visited this place, like a part of my soul is more is more complete for having been here.  The Earth blood red with a sweet kiss of the sea in the air.  Hard and crusted with crystals of salt glistening in the suns oppressive embrace.  The wind blows firmly from the west reminding the visiter that they are just that, a visitor.  Telling you to leave, that this is not your place, or that if you do stay you will never leave. Though there is no way one of sound mind should want to stay.  The land is utterly inhospitable to all life that can not solely live off the sea.  After hours of wandering this desolation with not a sign of life I came to the coast to witness a thousand different creatures living near the cliffs.  Countless birds, seals, dolphins, and I thought a whale, existing at the sea’s edge.  Utterly unconcerned with me, they knew I had to leave and that I was no match for their numbers and unsuited to pursuit in such an environment.  I sat and watched them for a while till my thirst reminded me I needed to go. – Will

This is an image of the Candelabra enlarge and look to the right side