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Feeling the World

Month: March, 2011

Understanding Rain

For three days the rain has fallen.  I never really understood the term “rain falling in sheets”, but now I certainly do.  Last night we took a ride on a rented scooter to the town Thong Sala on the Island of Koh Phangon in Thailand, in the most tremendous rain I have ever experienced.  The quilts of rain falling from the low tropical clouds with such force and velocity as to cause physical pain.  Like going through an automated car wash where the quickly rotating bristles are the rain and the jets are the wind. – Will


Thailand – Starting the Trip

Trains, planes, ships, boats, scooters, trams, busses, escalators, elevators, cars, shuttles, taxi trucks; you name it and we have been in it in transit.  Since my last entry, much has transpired.  We completed  our journey around South America and through the Panama Canal finding ourselves back in Fort Lauderdale, where we started our voyage 66 days earlier.  At Ft Lauderdale we transferred to the Miami Airport to fly to Seattle, our home town.  After a full day of travel and transfers in Atlanta we found ourselves back in the familiar cool midnight rain of the Northwest.

Seattle was short and sweet; only a few days, taking care of business and loose ends and a little time to share with family and dear friends. Although short, the trip was warming and lovely despite the damp and cool gray quintessential Seattle weather.   It was nice to feel a familiar season after months of different climates, time zones, and equator crossings which resulted in no sense of time and space. Where were we in a hurry to go?  The answer…….ON A VACATION!!!!!  After four months of hard work, seven days a week, we needed to recharge our battery, feed our mind, body, and spirit. A place to practice yoga, sit in stillness, listen to the sounds of nature, get our creative juices flowing, cleanse, eat beautiful healthy flavorful fresh food, and relax.  Where did we expect to find all this?   Where else but,THAILAND!!!

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The Atacama Desert – Starkly Beautiful

I feel lucky to have visited this place, like a part of my soul is more is more complete for having been here.  The Earth blood red with a sweet kiss of the sea in the air.  Hard and crusted with crystals of salt glistening in the suns oppressive embrace.  The wind blows firmly from the west reminding the visiter that they are just that, a visitor.  Telling you to leave, that this is not your place, or that if you do stay you will never leave. Though there is no way one of sound mind should want to stay.  The land is utterly inhospitable to all life that can not solely live off the sea.  After hours of wandering this desolation with not a sign of life I came to the coast to witness a thousand different creatures living near the cliffs.  Countless birds, seals, dolphins, and I thought a whale, existing at the sea’s edge.  Utterly unconcerned with me, they knew I had to leave and that I was no match for their numbers and unsuited to pursuit in such an environment.  I sat and watched them for a while till my thirst reminded me I needed to go. – Will

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