Antarctica!!!!!! Get Your Bikinis and Speedos on….

by William Bossen Photography

Antarctica in the summer, strange concept, huh?  Well, here we are and it is very cold a surreal landscape of penguins, whales, and seals diving up and down through the icy cold water from berg to berg.

The icebergs are iridescent blue and range from massive islands to small geometric formations floating in a vast ocean of silence and unimaginable beauty.  Some of these bergs serve as a home to penguins and seals, but many just float in their majestic beauty alone and with no intention of serving as a safe haven to the few species that can miraculously survive on them and around them before the end of March.  Around that time, the sun sets and six months of icy darkness follow.

The continent of Antarctica rises out of the Deep South Sea.  .  We entered via the South Atlantic Ocean alongside the Antarctic Peninsula.  Our last stop on the continent of South America was in Montevideo, Uruguay, a warm and pleasant place, quite a stark contrast to Antarctica, the coldest, windiest, driest place on the earth.  Two thirds of our planets water is locked up within its ice.  There are multiple research stations owned and run by various countries, although no country holds the indisputable title over any part of Antarctica.

Click to see the Station in the middle

Esperanza Research Station

Antarctica is massive, twice the size of Australia and filled with mountains, glaciers, crevasses, caverns, snow, rock, and penguin dung.  Peaks of endless snow and majestic beauty float high above the clouds and feel like they could have hosted the gods of Olympus.

A place we need to protect. This is a place where the effects of Global warming are taken very seriously.  This is a place that will undeniably affect the future of our planet.