The Northern Brazilian Coast

by William Bossen Photography

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Allison has been a little busy lately so I am filling in a little with the writing.  That last entry on the Amazon was mine too BTW.  She will be back soon with more of her marvelous meanderings.

Leaving the Amazon, heading south along the coast, we stop in Fortaleza.  An old port city that felt as if it were being washed away with the rain we had been experiencing for two days.  Can’t say it would have been for the worse if it had.  Maybe 200 years ago it was a proud city, but now like so much of what we have been seeing, is disintegrating.  I went to the mall, billed as a marvel, to pick up a few necessities and find what I had heard was this cities best product, lace, but the roof leaked terribly and all I could find was crappy hammocks and ugly lace that would have disappointed anyone of our grandparents generation.

Swiftly we decided to leave this place and head further south to find the sun, which we did when we arrived in Maceio’.

Maceio’ was an absolute delight, a vacation spot for the Brazilian middle class.  No pretension, safe, with cold beer and coal roasted fresh cheese delivered by beach wandering vendors while you soak up the sun.  Sail boats line the shore to whisk you to sand bar far off to party out of view of the authorities.  Not much here for the visiting foreigner, but a pleasure to visit none the less.

Our next stop was Salvador da Bahia, the 3rd largest city in Brazil and old and still proud.  Having arrived here I have started to reevaluate my perception of Brazil.  The city is well maintained with a beautiful historic district.  I am told there is a church for everyday of the year here, a lot of gold and Jesus.  The biggest delight was stumbling across a capoeira performance.  The guys and girls were amazing!  So much energy, such control of body.  We were happy to see the youths doing something positive with their time and energy, maybe through capoeira they can rebuild there crumbling society and cities.  We are only here for the day.  We leave for Illeus and then Rio very soon. Follow my blog with bloglovin