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Month: February, 2011

Buenas Aries Street Party

Here we were walking through some random neighborhood late at night in search of dinner and what should we come across?  30 drums and some tambourines.  Amazing.  And the police never came, unlike our fine country, to break it up.  Next thing we knew the whole block was filled with people dancing to the afro-spanish beat.  – Will

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Antarctica!!!!!! Get Your Bikinis and Speedos on….

Antarctica in the summer, strange concept, huh?  Well, here we are and it is very cold a surreal landscape of penguins, whales, and seals diving up and down through the icy cold water from berg to berg.

The icebergs are iridescent blue and range from massive islands to small geometric formations floating in a vast ocean of silence and unimaginable beauty.  Some of these bergs serve as a home to penguins and seals, but many just float in their majestic beauty alone and with no intention of serving as a safe haven to the few species that can miraculously survive on them and around them before the end of March.  Around that time, the sun sets and six months of icy darkness follow.

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Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janiero: Christ the Redeemer, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, overseas Rio from high upon a hill. Rio a city of great magnitude rises out of the sea over brimming with color, masses of people, and a montage of the new and old. The presence of Old Portuguese architecture is everywhere; crumbling pastel buildings, cobblestone streets, cathedrals, and cafes. White sandy beaches abound as do people of all colors and places that have blended and mixed; European, Indigenous, African, Caribbean, and Asian.

 Brazil is hot and nothing seems to ease the heat and humidity of Brazil like a cold Caipirinha. The tangy National drink made of lime, Cachaca (Brazilian Sugar Cane Rum), and sugar, takes the edge off and cools the brain and body. We enjoyed many Caipirinha in Brazil as we watched the world go by from the comfort of a local café or under the shade of an umbrella at the famous white sandy beach of Rio de Janeiro called Ipanema. Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto sang a Samba masterpiece titled “The Girl from Ipanema”, which captures the mood of this dreamy beach. As rumor has it, people of all ages, sizes, and proportion wear Brazilian bikinis or tight Speedos. Contrary to popular belief, not all Brazilians have amazing bodies and tight bums. You find a little bit of everything in Rio: fat/skinny, rich/poor, beauty/devastation, new/old, the antiquated and the sophisticated. One commonality that is unmistakable is the comfortable and relaxed attitude that permeates the air and people.   -Allison

Rio!! South Central Brazil at it’s Best!!

A Little Social Commentary

I don’t think obesity is unique to America……  It’s a growing world problem. I read today that an upset in bacteria balance in the stomach is being used as an excuse for people wanting to eat to much.  Seriously?  – Will B

Random Candids from South America!!!!

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The Brazilian Cemetery

We passed through this small town on the Brazilian coast.  Beautiful, the Masons built it.  The Atlantic Ocean washes the streets at high tide, on purpose, on grand design, not accident.  They forgot about their dead though.  From the city you could see the cemetery on the hill and feel the dead watching, watching you back.  Knowing that they are thinking, “Why have we been forgotten, neglected, disgraced?  You can see us here……..” -Will Bossen

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The Northern Brazilian Coast

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Allison has been a little busy lately so I am filling in a little with the writing.  That last entry on the Amazon was mine too BTW.  She will be back soon with more of her marvelous meanderings.

Leaving the Amazon, heading south along the coast, we stop in Fortaleza.  An old port city that felt as if it were being washed away with the rain we had been experiencing for two days.  Can’t say it would have been for the worse if it had.  Maybe 200 years ago it was a proud city, but now like so much of what we have been seeing, is disintegrating.  I went to the mall, billed as a marvel, to pick up a few necessities and find what I had heard was this cities best product, lace, but the roof leaked terribly and all I could find was crappy hammocks and ugly lace that would have disappointed anyone of our grandparents generation.

Swiftly we decided to leave this place and head further south to find the sun, which we did when we arrived in Maceio’.

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