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Month: January, 2011

Images of the Amazon Part 2 – Manaus and the River

Small boats of impoverished people vanishing into the currents and history.  Water the color of the people; the water the color of black tea and cream.  Cities once proud, but now, disintegrating into the diminishing jungle and consuming the inhabitants with it.  People fish for flesh-eating piranha while another bathes downriver.  A boy with a stick pees in the water with an audience in attendance upon a packed 3 story boat with no concern or shame.  They are a happy people, living in concert with the river.  It’s flow is their blood, their life, their death.  What it does and where it goes so do they till the day they ruin it, or at least allow it to be.  Whether by indifference, ignorance, capital needs, or just plain greed, in so they too will be ruined  The Clouds are endless, the Amazon giving birth to the givers of its own life.  So much water.  The rains come and for time you feel you can swim while standing in a warm shower.  The clouds part and the water is gone into the ground and back into the air nearly the moment the suns rays reach its earth.  Night falls.  The city looks clean.  I heard a woman call Manaus the Paris of the jungle.  Wait till morning.









Caribbean Candids

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A Caribbean Story

The Grand Turks were a wonderful way to wrap up our two week holiday season in the Caribbean; one of the most sunny and salty Christmas’s ever!  We spent lazy days on small islands with white sandy beaches, cruised on a Catamaran, snorkeled in crystal blue waters, visited forts fought over and between the French, English, and Spanish.

We drank rum and coconut water, ate plantains, fish, beans, rice, and Jerk Chicken.  We kayaked in channels that cross between islands where the waters are filled with Conch, Sea Turtles, Cucumbers, and Jelly Fish and the land guarded by Mangrove.  We encountered great disparity between the wealthy and the poor; billionaire’s yachts floating carelessly in waters adjoined to local land communities in disrepair, hurricane worn and torn.  We wondered and reflected about the history of these places;  a land of booty for pirates seeking spices, gold, and rum and a refuge for great explorers seeking the New World.  How one spends there life in the Caribbean is beyond me?   I propose it is a nice place to visit and get lost in a mirage of sea, sun, and seamless days without a worry in the world.

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