Chapter 8: The Grand Canyon

by William Bossen Photography

The following morning we continued driving in heavy rain right into the Far East side of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.  The rain was pouring down and the skies were gray as we decided to forge forward into the park despite our instincts that told us to turn around and head for Las Vegas.  In the end we were a little wet, very cold, but extremely happy with our decision to stay.  We camped for two nights, the weather calmed, and we took an amazing walk along the South canyon rim and hiked deep down into the awesome sight that is the GRAND CANYON!!!!  On our hike had the good fortune of seeing a huge brightly colored complete rainbow framing what can only be described as awe inspiring.  The colors in the Grand Canyon during the fall are like a painters palette; hues of green, red, gray , blue, and orange all mingling and mixing together with perfect harmony.  The skies and canyon stretch as far as the eye can see and dwarf anything man has attempted to make as an expression of God or Ego.  The Grand Canyon is a humbling place to be and it is no wonder that at least 250 people are rescued each year from it.  It captivates and mesmerizes the senses and once you start descending into its grandeur it takes quite a bit of will power to turn around, even when dusk is around the corner, the wind is howling, and drops of rain start to fall on the red earth.    Or in the case of summer, when the sun is scorching, you are out of water, and already feeling fatigued from heat and exertion.