Chapter 7: Santa Fe, Los Alamos and The Dark Road West.

by William Bossen Photography

Did you know Santa Fe has the second largest art market in the USA, New York being numero uno.  Likewise, did you know the Atomic bomb was created less than 100 miles outside of this idealic city in the town of Los Alamos.  Los Alamos has a street named after Oppenheimer the man who invented the atomic bomb and was later quoted saying, “I have become death”.  Yes, we visited both these places during our last day in New Mexico and what a stark contrast they offer for the wayward visitor.   Santa Fe is fairy tale like.  It has a charming central plaza with classic adobe architecture; old cathedrals, art everywhere, and a cool laid back feeling.  The 400 hundred year old town was civilized, authentic, and very unique, a real lady.  Los Alamos has a feeling of dread and sadness that permeates the air.  I wonder why?   In Santa Fe we spent a lazy afternoon having lunch, meandering the streets, sitting in the Plaza and exploring the local vendors hand crafted Native American jewelry before heading in the direction of Los Alamos.  We drove into Los Alamos and tried to drive out as quickly as possible; yearning for brighter horizons and more places that were created with more positive intentions.

Not far outside of Los Alamos is a tiny little highway that beholds some of the most beautiful scenery we had seen on our trip yet. Note, the panoramic picture of the Caldera will shot BEFORE we encountered the most major storm of our trip; black ominous skies, lighting and thunder, and torrential down pours of rain.  We were bare knuckle driving late into the night and were relieved to find an overpriced Motel 6 in the small town of Bloom Field, our last stop in New Mexico.