Chapter 1: Washington/Home Sweet Home

by William Bossen Photography

9:30 am Monday, September 20th, Seattle, off the ship and into Wills arms; so beautiful and sweet to be together in the flesh again!  In true form we kissed and hugged and gazed into each other’s eyes and then within a few minute I dropped Will off at a photo shoot and said goodbye for the next few hours.  I drove in a daze around Seattle, including down a one way street the wrong way, to a hair appointment and the grocery store.  All of these events were extremely overwhelming after being on the ship for 120 days.  I felt like I was having an out of body experience and nearly killed myself when crossing the street and driving against traffic. Thankfully, when I picked Will up again, body still intact, he drove.

We drove to our amazing hotel room in the SODO area of Seattle with a view of the water, king size bedJ , and giant Jacuzzi hot tub overlooking our stunning view of the water.  Of course my ever romantic Will had set up the room with Champagne, flowers, chocolate and gifts I cannot mention in order to stay in good grace with GOD.  We had a fabulous dinner of Sake and Sushi at one of Seattle’s best, Nishino in Madison Park.  Drinking Sake out of chilled bamboo and nibbling on raw seaweed and fish is so sexy.  We both love Toro, the fatty tuna from the belly of white tuna.  You should really try it next time you are at a good sushi restaurant if you do not know what I am talking about.  The conversation flowed and the time slipped away and three hours later we were in a cab on a clear, crisp night being whisked away to Capitol Hill for some late night libations and music.

Who gets kicked out of a bar called the Unicorn, bright and whimsical with carnival décor? Apparently we were having that much fun….enough said.

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3:30 pm Tuesday, September 21, 2010, sunny day and an amazing night and morning and afternoon at the Silver Cloud King Suite in Sodo!  There is nothing like a long stroll through Sodo, Pioneer Square, and Belltown on a warm Seattle day when the sun is shining.  One must be sure to make the obligatory stop along the way for a cup of the best coffee in the USA and fresh local goods from the Pike Place Market for an unforgettable picnic with a cornucopia of flavors and foods.  Our cornucopia of flavors and foods was enjoyed back on the roof top deck of our hotel with a bottle of Vihno Verde.  Our walk also consisted of our two obligatory cups of deep and delicious local coffee to help ignite the step of our pace and our overly deprived taste buds.  Needless to say, the coffee on the ship was so bad we drank it for purely utilitarian purposes.  Good coffee and live organic foods were things that I sorely missed while at sea.  The Market provided us with robust heirloom tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, sweet organic basil, aged balsamic vinegar,  Bocaronies, red and green tart grapes, and a little 65% + dark chocolate to wash it all down!

Later that evening the Market also provided us with exceptional live music and unique ambiance at the Can Can, an underground venue found down a long corridor of stairs deep below Pike Street.  Not only does the Can Can offer an inexpensive cover and large assortment of absinthe, the artists are always phenomenal and totally lacking in pretension, as was the case with Ayron and Way.  Ayron mesmerized us with his totally ability to speak through the electric guitar with an ease and fluency that could be felt deep down inside.  He was a bit of a cross between Jimmy Hendricks and Carlos Santana, but a young fellow hopefully blessed with a beautiful future doing what he loves.

6pm on Wednesday September 22, Bonfire and Picnic at Golden Gardens over the sunset, followed by a drive out to Whidbey Island.

Thursday through Sunday, September 23 -26, Whidbey Island in the RV at my moms.  We slept and ate and shared the company of Bob and my ever hospitable, loving, and generous Mom.  We hiked along the bluffs of Ebey’s Landing in the wind and rain and  hosted a lovely dinner with Wills family, Tiana and Sarah and Jay on Saturday, which consisted of my mom, Susan making a dinner fit for Kings before heading South for our long awaited road trip.  Well rested, fed, and organized we departed on overcast Sunday via the Clinton ferry on to the next Chapter of our adventure.